for the love of Longchamp

            In the 1990's when Longchamp launched the Roseau line, their campaign was to draw up the "BAG" as not only an accessory that one person who wears and uses it but instead it is a part of the person carrying it. This campaign to raise the value of a bag as part of one's PERSONALITY and entirety made a huge hit. True enough that when a person carries her bag, it speaks for how she is and WHO she is.  

How do you carry yours?

          At present you can see women everywhere wearing their coveted Longchamp Bag and one can almost see how gorgeous it looks in their arms. From Longchamp's Roseau line in 1990's to the Darshan line they had recently launched, Longchamp has proven to have made a mark when it comes to producing excellent quality bags that will never miss out on every decade.

This is an Eiffel Tower Limited Edition from Longchamp's infamous Le Pliage line and I have been eyeing this one out for quite sometime now.Because of the wide variety of a delicious selection of Longchamp bags, I can't decide what to buy!

Image source : www.longchamp.com