Seafood September : RD Crabshack

Craving for some seafood? Same seafood, different style.
RD Crabshack will offer you the catch of the day.

Yes, they will literally show you how big the crab is, uncooked -- and literally clawing! The store crew said that they come from RD Crabshack's own farm.

Wanted to try some of those real crabs at the time but opted not to because they have a huge 750g queen. (Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo. Would have loved to show it here!)

From the Menu, we ordered the Kumsur Shrimps (Swahe/Putian). The shrimps were good. They were cooked well, and they seemed fresh. I personally enjoyed these.

RD Crabshack's Steamed Shrimp 1
RD Crabshack's Steamed Shrimp

And then the Oysters...

 I rarely eat these. But oh yeah, they were heavenly. I think they were really fresh compared to other oysters I've tried before. Definitely worth trying out! Two thumbs up!

RD Crabshack's Steamed Talaba (Oyster) - Not on the Menu but you can ask for them 1
RD Crabshack's Steamed Talaba (Oyster) - Not on the Menu but you can ask for them.

Sauce Selection for the Shrimps and Oysters 1
Sauce Selection.

I especially liked the Cajun Sauce. Great for the oyster!

RD Crabshack's Aligue Rice 1
RD Crabshack's Aligue Rice

The yellow colored rice you see above is RD Crabshack's Aligue rice. Not a very big fan of this. I think it was a bit dry and the quality of the rice used wasn't very good. But I cannot complain because the price was OK. Very affordable and can accommodate three ladies, not men. (Men need more. haha!)

RD Crabshack's Menu1
RD Crabshack's Menu

RD Crabshack's Menu 2
RD Crabshack's Menu

The place is nice and cozy. Went there for lunch and there were not a lot of people at the time. So that was okay. I'd like to commend the store crew. They were very patient and helped in every way they can. Thank you so much RD Crabshack's Stellar Crew!

Yes, I'd definitely dine here again.


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