Cool Tuesday : Lara Mia Cafe & Bistro

Skipping a few hours of busy -- 

I was able to slip out of #thefleamarketdavao on a quiet tuesday. Decided to try out this cute new restaurant along Talisay St., Juna Subdivision, Davao City. 

For a while now, I've seen a lot of my friends share photos of good food from this place. I've been left intrigued. 

White Chocolate Matcha Frappe (P160)

Regular days are always matcha days. (I've since let go of coffee -- a very long time ago.) At first sip, it was a bit too sweet. Blending the cream did the trick so that was fine. 

I'm in love with pasta. It's second nature that I try this dish out with every new place I visit. Lara Mia's Bolognese tastes authentic and it feels fresh. I would recommend this regular dish to anyone.

I've yet tried their pizza, which I hear are great! I'm coming back soon to check em' out. 
Wanna come?

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