Land without Measure | Sagada, Philippines 2016

Exploring the northern part of the Philippines has never been this easy. With the ease and comfort of travel arrangements provided by your trusty travel companies, in this case, with Cab Travel and Tours, you can go anywhere!

We decided to head to Sagada, Mountain Province, up north since, well, I'm from far south: Davao City, Philippines.

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First stop: The Majestic Banaue Rice Terraces. Considered one of the world's wonders, I'm in awe even to this day. You can see real talent from the people who made it happen. More so, from the community whose worked so hard to preserve this. I hope we still get to see this treasure in the years to come unscathed.

The experience was great given it was our first time to join a touring group. 75 percent of the people we traveled with, we didn't know personally. But that was okay, none of them were hostile and even turned out to be kind. Mostly young people, some just started their jobs and some couples whose wanting closer relationship bond.

Below you'll see the cemetery we traversed into going to the Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins.

Sagada Public Cemetery

Below you'll see Echo Valley, serene and peaceful.

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Bomod-ok Falls Sagada Mountain Province 2016

This one here is the most tiresome destination of the entire trip. We had to walk for about 2 hours just to get to this water falls. We had to walk through an ocean of rice terraces which was not exactly expected and a few concrete staircases going down to the valley. The crazy part of this is that you have to go back the same way so you can come home. So when they ask you for a hike, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. 

Hot Cocoa at Misty Lodge

Especially enjoyed this hot chocolate drink at Misty Lodge and Cafe to start the day!

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